Student Campus Realignment Compensation Fund 2016/17

February 11, 2016

Students with courses scheduled to move for the 2016/17 academic year have recently been sent an email with details about financial compensation. This information can be found on the University of South Wales Campus Change Student Compensation 2016/17 page.

The University has also published a Timetable for Student Compensation work done by different departments. You can find a schedule of what this means for students below.

Compensation Schedule 2016/17
Month Progress Milestones
January USW departments work on a list of students who might be eligible for the Compensation Fund. Students are emailed to inform them that they will be considered for the Compensation Fund and advised to update their personal information by 29th January 2016
February Eligibility for compensation is assessed based on student records. Students are sent an email to inform them of their predicted award. Students will be given a link to an online application to provide information if their circumstances are going to be different from what has been predicted – Deadline of March 31st
April Compensation eligibility is re-assessed based on the online form submissions. Students whose awards will change based on new information provided are informed by email. All students set to receive compensation are sent information on how to submit bank details so they can receive their payments.
August Students entitled to compensation are emailed to remind those who haven’t submitted their bank details to do so by 30th September 2016.
September Students will be emailed to ensure they have updated their term time addresses for 16/17 academic year. Deadline 30th September.
October USW carries out final enrolment checks and decides final awards based on students’ new situation. Students will be notified of final award. Compensations are paid out.
November Discretionary awards and appeals close 18th November 2016.

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