Campus Changes: Updates

October 17, 2014

The University has made the following decisions recently:

  • The timing of all course moves will be decided and announced by the end of November 2014. Where decisions are made before then, they will be announced immediately.
  • Discussions on the future use of space in the developed Newport City and Cardiff campuses are well under way and are gathering momentum in the case of campuses in Pontypridd.
  • Open meetings with students have been arranged by the Students’ Union for October and November, and are taking place to highlight and discuss a range of issues relating to campus realignment.
  • The next stage of engagement with students following the open meetings will be an online questionnaire, requesting feedback on a range of issues, including some of those highlighted during the open meetings. Students’ expectations of Union provision at the Newport City campus will be among the topics surveyed.
  • Last week we announced that a Student Compensation Fund will be set up for students who incur additional travel costs as a result of their course relocating. As a result of student feedback, further considerations are now taking place on the subjects of accommodation and childcare for those students, and will be announced in due course.

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