Student Questions and Answers

Will my Course Move, and When?

You can check the course lists or ask your lecturers if your course is moving:


All higher education courses with students remaining on Caerleon campus will move in summer 2016 for the start of the 2016-17 academic year.

You can see details of these course moves here:

Newport City

Animation, Games, and Advertising courses (all of whose students are full-time undergraduates) moved in summer 2015 from Newport City Campus to start the 2015-16 academic year in Cardiff, to get them into the existing better facilities, and enhance their learning alongside similar courses, as soon as possible.

Film and Performing Arts will move a year later to start the 2016-17 academic year in Cardiff. The campus is at the heart of a hugely exciting creative industries zone, which will include the new BBC Wales HQ and newsroom, as well as a whole range of independent creative and design companies, and the major studio complex at Roath Lock at which the BBC films Dr Who and Casualty in its Porth Teigr facility. During the academic year 2016-17, film students will continue to have access to our professionally-equipped film studios in Newport. Timetabling will be managed to concentrate Newport-located activity in blocks, so that student travel is minimised. Our plan is that for 2017 entry, film students will have use of a new, purpose built studio facility within the ATRiuM complex in the heart of Cardiff, subject to approval. This phasing is being done to deliver on the University’s commitment that students will have facilities at least as good, or better, than their current provision.


All courses scheduled to move current students from Pontypridd to Newport City Campus will move in summer 2016 for the start of the 2016-17 academic year.

You can check the course lists to confirm if your course is one of these.

Will I move during an academic year?

No. The course moves will take place over the relevant summer. You won’t be moving in-year.

I am currently on a 2nd year of an undergraduate course: will I move before I complete my course at my current campus?

Yes, you will complete your course at another campus (if your course is scheduled to move), moving by the time you’re in your final year.

I am currently on a 1st year of an undergraduate course that’s moving: will I move before I complete my course at my current campus?

Yes, you will complete your course at another campus campus (if your course is scheduled to move), moving by the time you’re in your final year.

I am a postgraduate student on a course that’s moving: will I complete my course at my current campus?

If you plan to complete your course and graduate by Summer 2016, yes, you will complete on your current campus.

If you will be completing after Summer 2016, your course will move.

I am a part-time student on a course that’s moving: will I complete my course at my current campus?

If you are due to finish your course this academic year in Summer 2016, yes. Otherwise, your course will move campus during your studies. See the Q&A below for how you will be supported.

Why are you moving the remaining small number of students at Caerleon for their final year in 2016-17?

We’ve had to take a balanced judgement, and weigh up all the issues. On balance we judge that the experience of a very small number of final year students on a very empty campus will be much poorer than if they moved to busy, vibrant campus communities with the new modern facilities. They’re moving in Summer 2016 because we don’t think it is practical or safe to keep a whole campus open for them in those circumstances.

Before I Move

Will there be graduations in Caerleon in 2015 and 2016?

Final year students, based at the Newport campuses (Caerleon and Newport City) who successfully complete their studies and are eligible to graduate in July 2016, will be invited to a graduation ceremony at Caerleon.
Following the closure of the campus in 2016, students who complete their studies after July 2016 and are eligible to graduate in December 2016, will be invited to the winter ceremonies which are held at Treforest.
For students, based at Newport after this date, venues for graduation are being explored within the Newport area.

What will happen about sports teams and facilities at Caerleon?

The University will continue to compete in BUCS. Teams’ participation in BUCS is reviewed every year, with equal input from the University and the Students Union, and is driven by demand. Any changes to the current structure will be communicated to you if and when these decisions are made. Please be assured that all students will have the same opportunity to participate, irrespective of where they are based.

Students are able to use facilities at Newport Leisure Centre at very attractive rates.

The Sport Centre at Caerleon will remain open at least until Summer 2016, when Caerleon ceases to be a higher education campus.

Will I be able to access the same services at Caerleon?

The University provides student support on all of its campuses, much of which is already delivered online, and you will have access to the support on whichever campus you study.

While Higher Education provision remains on Caerleon campus we will continue to offer accommodation, catering and sports facilities. We will endeavour to maintain a high quality student experience at all times

USW Careers will continue to provide advice to students including online via e-guidance and will run workshops as part of your course. Some services such as employer-led events will be available on other campuses.

You will still be able to meet with Student Money Advisers, Disability Advisers, Mental Wellbeing Advisers, Counsellors, Resident Tutor and Nurses at Caerleon.

We work closely with your SU officers, and meet them regularly to discuss the needs of students on our campuses. The SU has launched a series of Campus Changes Catch-Ups. It is a student forum organised by the Students’ Union for all students who have been a part of, or affected by the campus moves and campus realignment. Further details on all support services can be found on UniLife and any changes to provision will be clearly communicated here.

How will this impact on my specific personal circumstances, for example disability, learning need?

We want to make sure you have all the support possible so that you can continue and enjoy your studies. If you have specific questions you can speak to your local Advice Centre or meet with a Disability Adviser to make sure your needs are part of the planning for the details of these moves.

What access to library facilities will I have?

Library provision will remain for specific subjects, and resources will move with the students as and when necessary.

What catering will be available at Caerleon?

You will still have on-campus catering at Caerleon. Some of the catering setup may change during the transition to maximise resources in the main food outlet.

Will I be able to live in halls at Caerleon?

Yes. While Caerleon is a higher education campus you will have access to halls.

After the Courses Move

Will the University arrange site visits to the new campuses to enable me to familiarise myself with the new location?

Yes, visits for students whose courses moved for 2015/16 visited their new campuses in advance, and we will be planning familiarisation visits to each campus for 2016/17 moves which will include viewing Faculty, accommodation, sport facilities, Union etc.

We’ll make sure those visits happen nearer to the time you move, but in plenty of time for you to make informed choices on accommodation, for example.

Where will I live if I move campus?

The University has an excellent accommodation service which can help you with finding the right type of accommodation to suit your specific needs.

Will there be a place for me in halls?

Current students who are moving campus will have priority for places in halls of residence alongside new first-years if this is their first choice of living accommodation.

If I have to transfer course to another campus and this increases my travel or accommodation costs, will I be reimbursed?

For students whose courses moved for the 2015/16 academic year, a compensation policy ensured that any students who were assessed as incurring increased costs as a direct result of the compulsory change of location of their course, received financial compensation. You can find out more details about the compensation policy here.

Students with courses scheduled to move for the 2016/17 academic year, and students who moved for 2015/16, were emailed at the start of 2016 with further details about financial compensation, this information can be found here.

The full timeline for student compensation can be found here.

Will I have the same lecturers if my course is moved?

We would expect that your lecturers will move with your course, so very probably yes, unless the lecturers teaching your course change for normal business reasons, such as moving to another role. Beyond this, some courses as a benefit of moving will have access to a wider group of lecturers in the same or related subjects, alongside your existing team. This greater depth and breadth of expertise will enhance the experience of those students.

Will I study with the same group of students as I currently do?

You are likely to move as a group with your course, so very probably yes. Of course, for part time students this can already vary from year to year.

I have made friends with students at this campus; will we all be moved to the same campus?

Your fellow students on the same course will move with you. Although everyone’s group of friends is different, it is likely that at least your friends studying similar courses will also move with you.

Will there be the same equipment I need for my course at another campus?

Our aim is that you will have at least the same student experience, including academic course equipment, that you would have expected. We’ll be working hard with your student representatives and course leaders on this, as detailed plans for the moves are finalised.

What if I study a combined course with subjects on different campuses?

You won’t have to study on more than one campus: your experience as a student is the priority. You’ll most likely study on the campus where your major is, and we’ll be arranging for the staff for your minor to come to you. If you study equally combined subjects, we’ll be working with you and your academic team to find the best arrangement.

Will the same student support be available at another campus?

Yes. The University provides student support on all of its campuses and you will have access to the support on whichever campus you study.

Details of all support services available can be found on UniLife, including:

Who can I talk to about this?

Your Student Union officers represent you in these discussions and are your first port of call. Email

I’m a student at Atrium or Newport City. How will my campus be able to accommodate all of the incoming students?

These arrangements will be made on each campus on advice from working groups on which you as students and your academic staff teams are represented. We’ll be keeping you updated on UniLife and through your lecturers. Because of the way the transition is being managed, with movements timed as they are alongside the investment in new facilities, we are confident that the campus can accommodate them. Neither campus will be “full” until the start of the 2016-17 academic year.

What happens if I don’t want to transfer to another campus?

The decision that these changes will happen was taken on 8 September 2014. Your voice and those of all students are represented on the Board of Governors which has made this decision, on which the SU President sits, and student input through the SU has been a key part of the process that developed these options. We understand that many students have a strong affinity to their current campus, but we have taken these decisions of the head rather than the heart in the long term interest of the University and its students, both current and future.