Why are these changes happening?

We want USW students to have the latest and best facilities on their campuses, and we think you deserve them. That’s why the University is investing hugely in its student experience, whether through social facilities such as new Student Unions and social spaces, or teaching and simulation facilities for your degree course. It’s not just USW doing this: pretty much every other university in the UK is doing it too, because we all want to attract as many students as possible in the future. Like many other universities, USW can’t do this on every campus because the University has inherited too many buildings and campuses for the number of students we have. What we’ve done is looked carefully at where it makes most sense to focus for the future, and we’re concentrating our investment there. In Newport’s case, it means expanding the Newport City campus in a two-phase, multi-million pound investment programme, and across the University moving some courses to bring them together with similar subjects and nearer to potential employers.

We understand that you thought hard when you chose the campus where you now study, and we appreciate that this news may cause you mixed feelings. On one hand, if you move, you’ll be moving to study in state of the art facilities that may be more modern but are at least as good, and in many cases better, than those on your current campus.

But we recognise that all transitions will have their issues. We also want to make sure the experience you have as a student doesn’t suffer, and we’ll be working with your representatives to address concerns that you raise as students. That’s why your Student Union and course representatives, and of course your lecturers, will be heavily involved in the decision on when you move and how we do that. We’ll be taking all steps to make sure that the experience you have as a student isn’t affected.

None of this is to say that current and former students don’t have strong affection for the Caerleon campus: they do and we understand that. But the student market doesn’t respect this history, and we have to make sometimes difficult decisions for the future of the University and its next generation of students. USW’s predecessors did the same when they took the major long-term decisions to build our modern campuses in Newport City and ATRiuM in Cardiff. We judge that this change is necessary so that all USW students can have the very best facilities and experiences during their time at university.

If you would like to raise any issues, your Student Union representatives are your first port of call. You can contact them by email on supres@southwales.ac.uk or by phoning 01633 432076 or 01443 483500.

If you have queries about what it means for you and your course, you can check out the course list and Student Q&As and New Student Q&As. We’ll be keeping you updated.