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I move courses in 2016 from Caerleon to Cardiff. Can I live in halls in Newport and commute to Cardiff, and be compensated for the extra accommodation + travel costs?

If your question is not answered in the Compensation Scheme FAQs, please email

It seems imperative that the design of Atrium 2B is informed by the availability, size and function of the 'offsite facility’ promised to Photography, Film and Animation students. Is there any update on this?

When will the offsite facility in Cardiff be announced?

Thanks for your query. It’s difficult to answer this directly without more context around what you mean by the 'offsite’ facility. We recommend you speak to your tutor, who can in turn speak to their Head or Associate Head of School for more information, as they are likely to have been part of planning discussions via the Cardiff Campus realignment sub group and will be able to give you more specific information. Hope that helps.

Same person as last question, so does that mean that those who move in 16/17 will get the same compensation as those who move in 15/16?

At the moment, the compensation policy relates to the 2015/16 academic year only. If you have specific queries regarding the policy, you are advised to email

If the compensation information is only applicable to 14/15 what happens to those who move in 15/16? Will they receive the same amount?

The compensation policy relates to 2015/16 academic year only, eligible students who are continuing and progressing on the same course (i.e. progressing onto the next stage as planned) will be considered for the same level of support in 2016/17.

I have heard car parking in Treforest is already a nightmare how are we supposed to get to lectures on time if there are going to be no spaces when all the courses transfer there?


This afternoon I queued for half an hour to enter the Treforest car park and was late for my first lecture as a result. How will you cope with even more students when Caerleon closes?

Limited parking available for staff and students

In common with most universities, car parking is limited at all our campuses, particularly at the start of the autumn term, and consequently we are unable to guarantee that everyone will be able to find a parking space on campus. All Universities in the UK are under obligation to cut carbon emissions, including emissions from journeys made by staff and students travelling to and from University, and so we are unable to increase our car parking provision any further.

We therefore strongly recommend that you consider alternatives to driving wherever possible. All campuses are serviced by regular public transport links and are well connected to national walking and cycle routes. The University has negotiated discounts with a number of transport operators to reduce the cost of travel, details of which can be found at We also provide showers and changing facilities for those who walk or cycle to the University.

Is the aircraft maintenance engineering BSc moving?

If your course is not on one of following lists it is not moving:

These are the detailed and definitive Course Lists, updated on 24 November 2014.

There are lots of rumours about the availability of science labs in the Newport City Campus – will the labs be ready for next year? Other rumours say that the science part of the BSc with QTS courses will be held at Treforest – is there any truth in this?

You are right to raise the issue of proper access to facilities and it is a major factor in our considerations when planning course moves. We have consistently said that in the event of any course move the principle behind any decision we make will be that no student will be worse off in terms of their student experience.

We are working closely with the space planning team in our Estates department to plan where the science labs will be situated in the reconfigured City campus.

I hope that this goes some way to reassuring you. If you have any further comments or concerns about this process, please do keep in contact with us via Unilife, we really do value your input.

Kind regards,
Dr Carl Peters
Deputy Dean

What month will graduation 2015 be in?

Details of upcoming graduation ceremonies can be found on the page Graduation Ceremonies 2014/2015.

How long will it be until the Cardiff campus is ready to have photography students?

Thanks for your query. We have committed to confirming the decisions and timings of all potential course changes by the end of November. As soon as a decision is made we will be letting you know via Unilife. Please continue to check regularly for the latest updates.

Will you give me a simple YES or NO answer to the following: Will ALL current students at Caerleon Campus graduate at Caerleon Campus?

It’s not a straightforward yes or no. Current final year Caerleon students will graduate in Caerleon in 2015. Final decisions have not yet been made for future years, because they will depend on when and how we move courses, and this is currently being discussed with academic staff and student representatives. Those currently in their final year will graduate in Summer 2015 at Caerleon.

One reason I chose Caerleon campus is because I’m doing a teaching degree and require my own transport to commute to placement, will there be parking provision at Newport City campus for people on placements or will we be expected to source and pay privately?

As part of the ongoing work, we will look into making arrangements with existing local car parks which are very near to Newport City Campus.

Our intention would always be that any current student whose course moves will not be worse off, whether that is in terms of their student experience or other issues like this. Details of how this would be addressed will be worked out in discussion with the Student Union, who represent the interests of students.

When does BA History at Caerleon get to know its fate????? I’m full time undergraduate we do exist!!!!

Students have recently raised this very reasonable point about the course lists with the University, and we’ve listened carefully. The general information did say “all courses at our Caerleon campus, and some courses at other sites, are likely to move to other campuses in the next two years” and we emailed every student studying at Caerleon to explain that the moves would happen. But we agree that it isn’t as clear as it could be, and it has caused confusion for students like you who didn’t see their course on the list. That’s because the original lists are of courses whose 2015 intake will change campus. As you receive this, the course lists are being updated to include courses that already weren’t recruiting new students to Caerleon in 2014 (such as yours), and we’re making that update because of your feedback. Sorry about any confusion.

Why did you lie about no campus closures? Why are you pretending this will help us when the students who have studied and lived in Caerleon Campus are going to suffer as well as all the people who will lose their jobs?

There was no intention in 2013 to change fundamentally the number of campuses in the estate of the University. However, since merger the University has had to give fresh consideration to the long term future of the estate in the light of USW’s new Academic Plan and the long term prospects of each campus for recruiting students. The need to provide current and future students with the best possible facilities on campuses with a coherent and distinctive identity is the reason for the University’s important but sometimes difficult decisions.

Where will the psychology students be studying next year?

As at the 13th October 2014 the lists of courses moving show that BSc (Hons) Psychology is moving from Caerleon to Treforest for both Full and part-time students. Currently, no specific date for the move of current students has been published.

Will the foundation art design and media course, that has been based in Caerleon, be moving campus? If so, when and to where?

That course will be recruiting to Treforest from 2015 entry.

I fully understand the changes that are being made, however the one thing I haven’t seen is a list of the subjects that are being affected by these changes. Has a list been drawn up yet or are you still deciding.

The FAQs for returning students page links to a course list which shows where all courses will be moving to.

I am going into my second year to do fashion design on the Cardiff campus. At the moment, our class is so large that the general feeling is we don’t have enough equipment at uni for everyone to get their work done efficiently and on time. I was wondering about when the Newport students start studying with us at Cardiff, how will there be enough space and equipment to go round if we’re already struggling?

Please don’t worry about this. We will not be making any changes within the next academic year, and once we do, we will be planning new spaces for the Faculty as a whole. We are aware that the space needs for fashion students is very different to those of a photography student, or graphics student for example, so will be planning accordingly.

All the staff are very supportive of the University decision to bring our fashion courses together. The Newport campus has some excellent facilities that will also be moved across, and some award winning staff who you will be able to benefit from as well as the Cardiff team.

Your course tutors will be talking through any issues as soon as we have more details. In the meantime please enjoy the next year of your course.


Mark Jackson, Head of School of Art & Design

I really don’t want to move to the Newport campus next year, what are my other options?

It says in the FAQ for returning students:

What happens if I don’t want to transfer to another campus?

Your voice and those of all students are represented on the Board of Governors which has made this decision, on which the SU President sits, and student input through the SU has been a key part of the process that developed these options. You should raise concerns in the first instance with your SU officers and Student Voice Representatives.

Will students be offered any compensation to cover the additional costs occurred by changing campus which is further away from home, living costs, transport cost?

It says in the FAQ for current students that:

If I have to transfer course to another campus and this increases my travel and/or accommodation costs, will I be reimbursed?

Our intention would always be that any student whose course moves will not be worse off, whether that is in terms of their student experience or other issues like this. Details of how this would be addressed will be worked out in discussion with the Student Union, who represent the interests of students.

Where will the teaching courses be moved to?

The FAQs for current students page links to a course list which shows where all courses, including teaching courses, will be moving to.